I just tried to drink a candle.

Posted on Saturday March 22 2014 in life

Yep. That's how my life is going.

I woke up this morning feeling perfectly healthy. Now, 12 hours later, I am absolutely rotten with the cold and feeling very sorry for myself. Lots of tea is being consumed. Hopefully no hot candle wax.

I've reached that point of the uni year where I've done nine weeks of intense maths and exams are looming and my brain can't take any more and I just want to crawl into bed for three weeks and sleep to let my brain recover a bit. But no, of course, the next week or so is one of the busiest I've had in ages.

My nan died a couple of weeks ago (didn't know her, not really bothered by it at all...neither are my parents, they were not remotely close to her) so I have to go to the funeral away in southern England, a good six hours away in the car, on Friday. Dad wants to do the driving at night, so we're going down on Wednesday night, spending Thursday in Cambridge doing walking tours because it's a pretty place we haven't been to, going to the funeral on Friday, and then going on a day trip to London on the Saturday, because while my parents used to live there I've never been and it just seems too good an opportunity to pass up. That's going to be a long and busy day because London's a massive city (off the top of my head I think the only bigger city I've been to in terms of population is Moscow but I could well be wrong there) and we're going to try and fit as much in as possible. Then driving back home on Saturday night, presumably getting home at about 6am. Then I'm having a three hour nap before watching the Malaysian Grand Prix. Hopefully.

It's not even just the end of the week that's busy. On Monday I have a full day of uni followed by a meeting about a project that could go on for a very long time, so goodness knows when I'll get home. On Tuesday I'm in uni less, but I have to go to the uni's annual maths lunch, tutor my neighbour (I'm responsible for someone else's maths grade, that's a bit terrifying) and pack for the adventures in England. On Wednesday I'm leaving the house at 7am for uni, have another meeting about the project after uni, and then have a cupcake decorating class, so will get home at around 9pm. Only to leave the house at about midnight, and now you may go back to the paragraph above if you want to read this in order.

So don't expect any updates. As if you would anyway

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